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Meet the Team

210825_beth lawson_sdi_9-edit.jpg

Beth - Founder

Hi! I'm one of the original founders of the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters! Our group came about by a group of friends just sharing the love of ghost hunting together and it grew from there! We love sharing our findings with the paranormal community, so please feel free to ask us anything! Thanks for visiting!

210825_kimberly kincaid_sdi_83-edit.jpg

Kimberly - Investigator

Hello everyone!  My name is Kimberly and I've been with the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters since the team was formed.  I enjoy investigating the mysterious and unexplained, and getting the chance to spend time with close friends is an added bonus!  I look forward to getting to know new faces and hearing you share your stories and encounters with the group!  Welcome! 

210825_julien borchert_sdi_74.jpg

Julien - IT/De-Bunker

Hey, I'm Julien! I was told there were cookies, but all I got was a hoodie. 

All jokes aside, I've been brought into this group because I've been told I have some tech savvy skills. You won't see me as much because I'm usually behind the cameras or the scenes in general. Not only am I the IT guy, but I like trying to de-bunk everything that occurs! I am always ready with a level head and a willingness to talk it all out.

210825_crissy acke_sdi_59.jpg

Crissy - Investigator

Hi, I am Crissy and I do some of the social media relations for the group.  I am a former co-worker to most of the members, that’s how we initially met and became close friends.  I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I work full time and love all animals. 

I have been involved with the paranormal for most of my life, having experienced frequent encounters and contacts with entities in my home life. Being an empath like many in our group, I feel like we are susceptible to the emotions and interest of the beings that we encounter during our outings. I enjoy meeting and learning from the living and the dead that we meet everywhere we go. I hope to bring a positive attitude to the group and a willingness to learn and find new and exciting ways to communicate with those who have a story to tell.



Growing up I always heard my name being called when no one was there and had weird dreams. I also lived in a house with “Bob.” “Bob” turned on lights, made thumps and disembodied footsteps, moved our personal belongings…and—occasionally—made us slip down the stairs. With these experiences, death seemed less finite. I dabbled in extremely amateur, low budget investigation for a while but locations, tools and information weren’t nearly as accessible 18 years ago. My husband stoked the fire when he began watching any ghost investigation related shows—starting with Ghost Hunters—with me. Let’s just call it research! Now, having met kindred spirits, I’ve found a team—and the fire is back. Plus… I have it on good authority there are always yummy snacks at investigations.

210825_nick erskine_sdi_35.jpg

Nick - Social Media

I'm Nick, an original member of the BGH, the social media caretaker for the group, and a general idiot at large.  Since beginning these explorations, I've seen and encountered more than I ever thought possible, and if you ever join us on an adventure, odds are you will too!

210825_collette leduc_sdi_25-edit.jpg

Collette - Investigator

Hi! I’m Collette! I’ve been dabbling in paranormal investigations for a couple of years now and have recently started becoming more serious about them! I’m an original member of BGGH and it’s a blessing to spend time with friends doing something we’re all interested in. I’m excited about this opportunity to share our experiences with the paranormal community!.

210825_dawn henry_sdi_50-edit.jpg

Dawn - Investigator

Hi, I'm Dawn! I am an empath of the group and feel very connected with my partners and the individuals that we communicate with. I have been very active in learning all there is to know about investigating and building our team knowledge. 

I've always been into everything paranormal and find this to be an exciting experience!

210825_tonya mcfadden_sdi_11-edit.jpg

Tonya - Investigator

Hi everyone, I'm Tonya and I have close ties to one of the first originals.. Lol. I have been with the group for a little while and I've always been drawn to the spirit world in several ways. My grandmother and closest Aunt played a big part of helping me understand spirit when I was younger. I was actually with my aunt when I seen my first aberration, because she seen it as well... so, it was great to have them help me to look at the gifts I had been given and how I could use them as I walk through the physical world. 

I wish they were still here to help me now... but really they still are very close by.

We've had some amazing investigations over this past year and I'm excited to see what's coming our way as we continue. 



I'm Phillip, Probie Investigator. I'm here to be Julien's understudy. I heard he has cookies! I've been very interested in the paranormal for years but had no idea how to insert myself in the community that's arisen. Without connections, investigation can be cost prohibitive so I have not had the opportunity to experience it for myself--until now. While I don't have any natural psychic abilities or previously developed paranormal investigation skills to bring to the team, I am an experienced hunter. I know how to be patient and scan my surroundings. I also like to consider myself a problem solver. If I don't know how to do something, I'll figure it out. I look forward to the adventures that await!



We're based out of Lexington, KY. We travel throughout the state and surrounding states to investigate, research, and gather as much evidence of the paranormal as we can to educate people. We love to collaborate and learn from other paranormal investigators, as well. If you feel like you've learned everything there is to know about the paranormal, then you're mistaken. 

210825_bluegrass ghost hunters_sdi_9.jpg
210825_bluegrass ghost hunters_sdi_31.jpg

Headshots and group photos courtesy of Rochambeau Photography! Click the camera picture or Facebook link below to be taken to her page!

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