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Meet the Team


Beth - Founder

Hi! I'm one of the original founders of the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters! Our group came about by a group of friends just sharing the love of ghost hunting together and it grew from there! We love sharing our findings with the paranormal community, so please feel free to ask us anything! Thanks for visiting!

Kimberly pic.jpg

Kimberly - Investigator

Hello everyone!  My name is Kimberly and I've been with the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters since the team was formed.  I enjoy investigating the mysterious and unexplained, and getting the chance to spend time with close friends is an added bonus!  I look forward to getting to know new faces and hearing you share your stories and encounters with the group!  Welcome! 

Julien - IT/De-Bunker

Hey, I'm Julien! I was told there were cookies, but all I got was a hoodie. 

All jokes aside, I've been brought into this group because I've been told I have some tech savvy skills. You won't see me as much because I'm usually behind the cameras or the scenes in general. Not only am I the IT guy, but I like trying to de-bunk everything that occurs! I'm newer to this than the rest of the team, but I'd say I'm catching on well.  


Nick - Social Media

I'm Nick, an original member of the BGH, the social media caretaker for the group, and a general idiot at large.  Since beginning these explorations, I've seen and encountered more than I ever thought possible, and if you ever join us on an adventure, odds are you will too!


Collette - Investigator

Hi! I’m Collette! I’ve been dabbling in paranormal investigations for a couple of years now and have recently started becoming more serious about them! I’m an original member of BGH and It’s a blessing to spend time with friends doing something we’re all interested in. I’m excited about this opportunity to share our experiences with the paranormal community!.


Dawn - Investigator

Hi, I'm Dawn! I'm the newest member of the team, but I'm looking forward to learning all there is to know about investigating! 

I've always been into everything paranormal and find this to be an exciting experience!



We created this group because we thought after all of the investigating we've conducted over the last year, we should have an avenue to share our findings with everyone. We find the paranormal world to be very interesting and love learning about new places, events, etc. We hope you enjoy our site and subscribe! 


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