Benton Farmhouse

In 1941, John Benton Sr. with his wife and Ora Lee, along with their three children, John C. Benton Jr., Hazel, and Louise moved to this farm in Walton, KY. And so the dream was born. The land, house, and just 2 mules were the beginning of a family legacy and a house-hold tradition.

1962 was a big year at the Benton Farm. Along with getting married to Rose Mary, John Benton Jr. took over operations at the farm. Tobacco, the famous crop of Kentucky was the main stay for the farm. At one time the land had over 100 head of sheep and 100 head of cattle.

One of the great joys of farm life is always having farm fresh foods. Fresh milk, eggs, beef, and vegetables were staples on the Benton Farm. 

The next chapter for Benton Farm ignited in the 90's when the family hosted its first visitors. Schools came to the farm for hands-on learning. Educating others on giving back to mother nature was our main goal. We want to teach the future members of society how to be sustainable. 


According to other paranormal groups, the most common occurance of hauntings is EVP's, hearing a little girl talk and seeing a tall shadow man with a brimmed hat. In January 2012, Purcell’s house caught fire. After renovating the damaged areas, Purcell said she started noticing a lot of crazy activity: Tapping on the pipes, TV channels changing unexpectedly, a strange perfume odor, and even an imaginary ball seen bouncing down the hall by the whole family.


All appear to just want to tell their story.  This property is also unique as a shape-shifter, where it is said a metamorphosis abilities have been witnessed for an entity to physically transform into another being or form. In addition, several full body apparitions have been seen of previous home owners, slaves and a female child. Spirit lights are commonly seen, accompanied by magnitudes of personal experiences.  

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If you listen carefully, you can hear a faint “no.” from a younger sounding female after Collette asks if they wanted us to ask more questions. We believe this goes along with what people have described as seeing or hearing a female child.

Honestly, we’re not sure what’s being said here, but it sounds like a male voice in the background. With all of us being female at this investigation, there’s no way there should’ve been a male’s voice.

This one’s interesting because here we were conducting an Estes Method experiment. Dawn says, “Crissy can hear you if you talk into it.” Then you hear a female say, “I understand” while Beth asks if they moved from in front of the REM pod.

Spirit Box Session

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