Bobby Mackey's
Music World

In 1850, a large slaughterhouse and meat packing building was built at this location in Wilder, KY. The well in the basement of the building was built for the workers to throw all the blood and guts from the animals in. It was thought when the slaughterhouse closed down in the 1890s, there was satanic cult activity at this location.


A story that’s been told, is the death of a girl named Pearl that occurred in 1896. She had become pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, who wanted her to have an abortion. The boyfriend, Scott Jackson, and his roommate Alonzo Walling, then met with Pearl near the slaughterhouse site to conduct the abortion themselves. Something went wrong and Pearl ended up dying during the procedure. The two removed Pearl’s head to cover their tracks, but forgot to remove her shoes. They left her in the field two miles from the slaughterhouse. The two were caught and when Alonzo was about to be hung, he threatened to haunt the place. There’s also rumors that Jackson had ties to the satanic cult and Pearl’s head was used in a ritual.


After the slaughterhouse was demolished, a nightclub, speakeasy, and casino were built in the 1920s, called the “Primrose.” In the 1950s, a new owner turned it into a nightclub called the “Latino Quarter.” During this time, there had been a daughter of the owner and dance hall girl named Johanna that fell in love with a singer named Robert Randall. Johanna became pregnant with Randall’s baby. They wanted to run away together, but Johanna’s father didn’t allow that to happen. Her father had Randall killed and when Johanna found out, she poisoned her father and committed suicide.


The building was closed in 1978 after several shootings had occurred at the nightclub.

Bobby Mackey (Robert Randall Mackey) then bought the building and made it into the music hall. This is the same establishment we see today.


We started our night by splitting up. We sent one group downstairs where the “portal to hell” is thought to be. One group went to the area of the bar where a caretaker of the music hall had an exorcism a couple years back. The last group went to the area of the bar with the pool tables. This EVP was caught when Crissy and Beth were talking near the pool tables.

Bobby Mackey's Scream.MP3

Dowsing Rod Experiment

In the video, you’ll see and hear Collette and two sisters that joined one of our investigations in a dowsing rod experiment. Watch as they use the “criss-cross rods” to answer yes and the rods moving away from each other as the no answer. They are conducting this experiment downstairs right next to the well, which is commonly referred to as the “portal to hell.” It gets extremely interesting toward the end.

Boo Buddy Bear Experiment

We like to use the “boo buddy” when we know that there’s a possibility there are children spirits at a location, which Bobby Mackey’s is known to have. The room that we’re in is downstairs in the room beside where the well is. This room is known to have the children spirits and visitors usually bring along toyrs to leave behind with them. That’s why we thought utilizing the boo bear would be a good idea in this room. Look at the paw of the bear in these videos and watch as we even try to switch items around to see if it continues to hold it. 

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