Morrison Masonic Temple

The Morrison Masonic Temple is an active Masonic lodge in Elizabethtown, KY. It has been around for many years. Many years ago, the bottom part of the building was leased out to a doctor at one point. Part of the building had also been a dentist office, as well. The building also used as a Civil War hospital to house union soldiers. Over the years, there's only been a few confirmed deaths, one being a Mason that passed from a heart attack. The rest of the spirits that could occupy this building is a mystery. 

Morrison Masonic Temple.jpg

Picture was taken from Google image search. Not an original Bluegrass Ghost Hunters photo. 

FB Live Streams - Spirit box experiments!

Beth's Spirit 
Box Session - Downstairs Dining Room


Nick's Spirit Box Session - Upstairs Meeting Area/ Alter 

EVP - Camcorder in upstairs balcony area 

Listen around the 6:22 mark, Beth says "Oh, there's a little skeleton up here.." There's a spirit that tells her not to touch it. 

Orb Video 

Anomaly Manifesting 

This was after Nick's spirit box session as shown at the beginning of this page. We were discussing his session when an oddly shaped anomaly manifested in front of Nick and floats down. It's toward the end of the below video. You'll see some of our equipment flash and then it appears! Super cool!

EVP - Camcorder upstairs balcony

We were downstairs with the EMF meter, trying to have a conversation with a spirit. All the while, we had one just upstairs from us trying to tell us something! You'll hear a thud at one point, then you'll hear a faint male's  voice. We think he's saying something along the lines of "that's not my name." What do you think?

EVP - Camcorder upstairs balcony

Beth and Nick are up in the balcony. Nick is waiting to throw a ball off the balcony to spook Dawn and Kimberly. You'll hear the women talking and then a male voice. Nick even says, "they brought that man up here." We seriously thought they had brought one of them men (there were two Masons on site due to it still being an active lodge) that was downstairs up with them! Can you make out what the male voice is saying? (around the 0:23 second mark)

Check out the Morrison Masonic Lodge site to learn more about this building! 

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