Octagon Hall

Octagon Hall is a landmark in Franklin, KY. It was built in 1847 by Andrew Jackson Caldwell for his family home. Over the years, it became a refuge for confederate soldiers during the civil war, a hospital, a Masonic lodge, and a home for many people. This building was the only eight sided home for the state of Kentucky. Not only is it unique in it's structure, but it is for it's paranormal activity. This landmark was nothing but a hotbed for spirits!

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Skip to around 4:16. After Kimberly gives Beth the dowsing rods to try out, there's a faint female voice that sounds like "help me."

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Skip to around 9:00. It sounds like someone saying "hi."

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There's a couple of EVPs in the below recording. This was during a spirit box session where Beth was blindfolded with headphones on. Just before, they were led downstairs from another spirit box session that's featured in the live stream with Collette.

Once Nick, Beth, and Julien got downstairs, Beth could tell a spirit by the name of Mary Elizabeth wanted to communicate. She died horrifically at the age of 11 by being burned from a fireplace.


The first EVP is around the 7:19 mark. Sounds like a young female saying "I'm doing that."

The second one is EXTREMELY faint. You could almost miss it if you don't have your volume up enough. Again, it sounds like a young female. It's around the 21:40 mark. You'll hear Dawn apologize to the spirit and telling her we were just startled. Nick asks if she was the one who touches Beth during the Spirit box session, but quickly after she says "why?" just right before I repeat the same word from the spirit box.

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Orb shots!

Spirit Box Session Experiment

Spirit Box: Kimberly

Questions: Beth

Location: Upstairs in the "Sick" room

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Spirit Box: Beth

Questions: Kimberly

Location: Upstairs in the "sick" room

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Spirit Box: Collette

Questions: Kimberly & Nick

Location: The Parlor

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Spirit Box: Beth

Questions: Nick & Kimberly

Location: Downstairs Kitchen

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Spirit Box: Nick

Questions: Kimberly, Collette, Beth and Dawn

Location: Downstairs Kitchen

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Spirit Box: Dawn

Questions: Nick, Kimberly, and Collette

Location: Downstairs Kitchen

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