Randolph Co. Infirmary

In 1851, it was built as a poor farm to care for people unable to work, the mentally and physically disabled, orphans, single mothers, and the elderly. At first, it housed only 13 inmates, but when the new wooden building was built in 1853, it housed 16 inmates. If residents were able, they were to exchange labor on the farm for their living arrangements. In the year 1855, they had to start constructing a new building made of brick due to a fire.  On the property, there's a cemetery that has atleast 50 unmarked graves, along with the known ones. The infirmary saw it's fair share of deaths on the property over the years. 



We were doing a FB live in a few of the rooms when we heard the REM pod going off! We thought it was a toy and went running to figure out what it was! So crazy!

Thermal Image capture of a form at Randolph Co. Infirmary! First time ever for us! 

Intelligent responses using the REM pod. Also a first for us!! 

Still Photos


Beth took this photo, along with a series of others while her and Nick were sitting in a hallway alone. She kept feeling like something was there. There's talk that there's a spirit there known as the "tall man." Do you think that's what she captured here? Take a close look!

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