Rohs Opera House

Rohs Opera House is in Cynthiana, KY and still serves as a theater today! This place was built in the 1800s and has been under some renovations as of late. The owner had no knowledge of specific deaths here, but believes the hauntings could be related to a fire that burnt down a few buildings around it many years ago. He said that there were a few children spirits, a woman in white, and some male spirits in the building. 

Beth and her mother investigated the Opera House by themselves on November 28th, 2020 and these were their findings...


Orbs, orbs, and more orbs...

My mom and I literally saw so many orbs, it was ridiculous! I believe this place has more than just a handful of spirits. It was like the orbs were everywhere! These are just a few of my favorite ones! Hope you enjoy!

Orb making sound?

My mom and I were sitting in the hallway to go to the balcony. We were told there was a lot of activity through there. I took this Live Photo and heard the sound. On my recorder, my mom says, I didn’t make that sound. I found it pretty ironic that I caught this orb flying into the bench as that sound occurred. Coincidence or paranormal? Who knows, but it’s cool!

Cool photo captured in the theater area...

What do you think about this one?? I think it looks like someone sitting in the middle of the theater! 


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