The Bethlehem Academy


This place was built in 1818 to serve as an all girls Catholic School. Since then, it has been used for many ways to help people; some being slaves, some soldiers in the civil war, tuberculosis patients, etc.

They are currently trying to gather money through historical tours and other funding to renovate this building. 


If anyone is interested in donating, please message them on their Facebook page listed below! Any amount of donation will help.


When I first stepped into this immaculate structure, I could tell there were definitely spirits among us. This place had a different feel than most though, these spirits wanted to have visitors. I could feel that they loved having company. This place felt so comforting to me. So I highly recommend booking a tour when you can!

Attic - EVP

Like I said before, I definitely felt welcome here. Here’s a clip where a spirit is saying “hi” to us at the beginning of our tour. This is in the attic where they hid slaves and soldiers years ago. 

Discipline Room - EVP

Bethlehem Academy 11-8-20 clip1

This was recorded in the downstairs room where they used to discipline children. You can hear a whisper toward the end after I ask, “are you younger?” I believe it says, “we’re good on the candy.” What do you think?


Moses Room - EVP

Bethlehem Academy 11-8-20 2nd recording

At this moment, we were ending the night and talking about the readings we did with the medium. You’ll hear a door slam, which I’m guessing is someone else closing a door and then a groan. The groan was definitely not one of us and we didn’t even hear it while we were talking. It’s pretty loud! 


Check out their FB page to book tours!