Thomas House Hotel 

This place is listed as CNN’s #2 Most Haunted Place in the U.S. After my overnight stay, I think that’s rightfully so. 

The hotel was built in 1890 by Zack and Clay Cloyd in Red Boiling Springs, TN. This building has definitely seen it’s fair share of deaths over the years. Not only that, it was built on top of the mineral springs that run through the town! 

If you’re familiar with how minerals work with paranormal activity, you know that it’s supposed to charge the energy even more. 


When we first checked in, we were a little early for the festivities. So I decided to take out my good camera that I use mainly for travel and went around the property taking random photos. I wanted to take photos mainly because I loved the style and never really thought I would capture something so early in the investigation. Heck, I wasn’t even trying to investigate at the time. 

Check out the below photo. Zoom in on the window area and check it out! I think it’s one of the creepiest things I have ever seen! 


 This came from Room #17 - where Beth and her husband stayed. She captured and saw so many orbs throughout her stay in this room. 

One of my main goals this trip was to capture an EVP, and to my surprise, I had done just that! Watch the video below. If you want, skip to around 1:56 and listen after that. 

People had been using dousing rods to communicate with the spirits. Myself and my friend’s wife had been trying to use them, but thought we weren’t having any luck. The woman before us got the spirits to turn the rods like a helicopter, so my friend was saying, “spin it like a helicopter, you coward.” 

Listen REALLY CLOSELY after that. I was giggling at my friend. We think the spirit is saying, “I already did.” 

While we were investigating in this same hallway, Nick was looking inside the funeral parlor at the end of the hallway. There was just enough light to be able to look a little inside. He witnessed an apparition that closely resembled Abraham Lincoln. We were told that it was probably Mr. Cloyd, the man who originally built and owned the hotel. 

So later on that night after we separated on our own, we decided to go back to the funeral parlor and hang out for a while. I was able to capture the below orb. 

Also while we were investigating on our own, we decided to go out to the pool shed. There’s a story about how a young boy drowned in the pool there and still haunts the property. 

While inside the small room, I was taking a series of Live Photo’s on my IPhone. Nick had been trying to provoke things that evening, which I don’t recommend. This was his first ghost hunt, so he really wanted to witness activity. 

The below video is a very loud sound that scared us. Mind you, this room is VERY small and there’s no way an animal or another person was in there at the time without me seeing them.